Ye Yiming has a bitter smile in his heart. However, being idle and boring now is also boring. Better "Master long, thank you very much for your kindness. I didn't expect that dog and little girl co To commemorate the awakening of mankind and embark on the road of practice. He told me to sit down on the chair first. Clark ran to the other room. After a while, he came back After hearing these secrets of the Chinese world for the first time, Zhu Yu became depressed. He remembered the rumor that Jinghua would support Yuanda Group in Jiangzhou. A group of people suddenly fell with laughter. Therefore, if you want to fight against the supremacy. Long Aotian is more puzzled. Although the general Summoning Skills call things mysterious, they shou "Ha ha, if you send someone to tell you the Lord, you will say that some old friends with similar id A large number of flame energy condensed into black flame, burning, immediately, the black flame tur All the immortal emperors were shocked in their hearts. Qi Qi looked forward to the direction of Xua Hua Tianba is a little impatient. These useless things. These two guys want to throw themselves into the net, that's what they want! It's really just a bunch of drunkards The battle array was violently shaken, and the Qi and blood of the emperors were surging. The empero As for blood drawing, let alone the frightening syringe. Jiuming himself has no blood to shed A white dress tears the darkness like thunder in the night.

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